Community Mediation Services

89-64 163 Street

Jamaica, NY 11432

General Preventive Program Job Posting

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Position: Case Planner

Educational Requirements: A Masters in Social Work (or equivalent)


Community Mediation Services (CMS) is a non – profit organization founded in 1983.  Our mission is to create and promote more effective resolutions and problem solving for youth, their families, and individuals, institutions and organizations within the community.  CMS operates a NYC ACS funded general preventive program in Queens CD 12 (Jamaica).   The services we offer are as follows:

  • Individual, family or group face to face counseling sessions with children and families, including home visits.  Concurrent and ongoing Risk and Needs Assessment for the children and family in the household.
  • Ensure the safety, supervision, health and well being of all children in the household
  • Identify and intervene in crises that negatively effect the functioning of the family system;
  • Identify potential for child abuse and neglect and develop strategies to prevent such possibilities from occurring;  Prevent out of home placement;
  • Ensure a community of care, including medical, mental health services, substance abuse resources, and other services that may be needed to stabilize the family and promote optimal functioning;
  • Through key skills of mediation promote an equitable and practical approach to problem solving and skills development


Job Description:

  • Be Responsible for the Case Management and provision of goal directed counseling to a caseload of a minimum of 12 families;
  • Provide monthly home based /office based and community based contacts to provide counseling and advocacy;
  • Prepare and Submit Progress Notes, Service Plans, enter Contacts in NYC ACS database system (PROMIS) and other time related material associated with the monitoring of a family;
  • Coordinate referrals and linkages within the community for children and families;
  • Utilize and manage both the CONNECTIONS (NYS OCFS) and PROMIS (NYC ACS) applications toward Caseload Accuracy, Case Assignments and Case Contacts;
  • Co – facilitate Family – Centered Group Work (i.e. Parenting Curriculum / Adolescent Workshops) and participate in community outreach services;
  • Facilitate and participate in Family Team Conferences
  • Collaborate with other agency and community support services;
  • Reports directly to the Program Supervisor.


Skill Requirement:


  • A working knowledge of CONNECTIONS and PROMIS applications is a plus.
  • Must have strong interpersonal and writing skills.
  • Willing to work in the homes and community
  • Be available for emergencies and crises during evenings/weekends
  • Optimistic about change and have a “do what it takes” attitude.
  • A minimum of 2- 4 years experience in the field of Child Welfare is a plus.
  • Must be able to work effectively with a team.
  • Bi-lingual a plus.


Benefits: Medical, Dental, Paid Time Off, 401K.


Please submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements to