Family-Based Services

Our family-based services attempt to empower every family we serve. We do this by: enhancing their specific strengths, identifying their areas of difficulty, and setting goals to improve their overall functioning. We strive to prevent family disintegration by breaking cycles of abuse, neglect, and dependency. Services are funded through NYC Administration and Children’s Services (ACS) and are free of charge.  ACS, Family Court, community, school, or self-referrals are accepted depending on program type.  Each program offers services such as:

  • Case Management
  • Clinical Consultation
  • Crisis Management
  • Educational Advocacy
  • Home Based Services
  • Linkage with Resources
  • Needs Assessment
  • Parenting Skills Group
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Health Assessments
  • Support Groups & Empowerment Work Shops

The programs that we offer are as follows:

  • Family Assessment Program Intervention Services
  • General Preventive Program

    Stacey Siff, LMSW, Associate Executive Director (

    Family Assessment Program Intervention Services

    In October 2010 CMS transitioned its 25 year old PINS (Persons In Need of Supervision) Diversion program from an assessment and referral program to two dynamic evidenced based programs models.  Funded by the NYC Administration for Children Services parents coming to Queens Family Court for help with adolescent behavior problems including parent –teen conflict, school and peer problems and conduct issues and substance use are diverted to one of two CMS programs.

    Family Empowerment Program

    The Family Empowerment Program is a two month crisis intervention program that uses mediation, facilitative conflict resolution and problem solving as its core intervention for adolescents and their families. Our caseworkers are trained in Community Mediation Services’ unique service model to help empower parents and their teens to communicate more effectively.   We coach teens in setting attainable goals and developing strategies to overcome their obstacles to success.  Our meditative casework approach along with group workshops help our families get on the right track.

    Multidimensional Family Therapy

    The Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) Program is a 4-5 month intervention that incorporates all members of the family to develop protective and healing strategies to promote positive behaviors.  This intensive treatment program targets teens exhibiting targets substance use, delinquency and truancy issues. Interventions focus on problem solving and strive to maintain immediate and practical outcomes in the adolescent’s everyday life at both home and school.  The model developed by Dr. Howard Liddle, of University of Miami, has been implemented across the United States and in Europe. His theoretical framework parallels Community Mediation Services’ core approach in resolving conflicts.

    Preventive Services

    General Preventive Program

    This program prevents out of home placement by providing individual, family and group counseling sessions with families with children ages 0-18 who are at risk of placement into foster care due to abuse, neglect, or other concerns. The program gives special consideration to families with an adolescent.  Services include family team conferencing to build upon family strengths and identify personal and family goal setting; identifying the potential for child abuse and neglect and developing  strategies to prevent such possibilities from occurring; ensuring a community of care through connections to all necessary service providers, including but not limited to medical, mental health services, substance abuse resources, and other services that may be needed to stabilize the family and promote optimal functioning; and through key skills of conflict resolution and mediation promoting an equitable and practical approach to problem solving and skills development.