Mediation Training is approved under Part 146 of the Rules of the Chief Administrative Judge. Final placement on any court roster is at the discretion of the local Administrative Judge; Participation in a course does not guarantee placement on a local court roster; Some courts may require additional training and experience beyond Part 146’s requirements; Acceptance on court rosters may depend on a court’s need for mediators at any given time and may include a particular court’s need for mediators with specific case-type training or experience.

  • Cultivating Ideal Mediator Orientation, Attitude & Awareness

  • Effective Preparation

  • Maximizing Opportunities in Joint Session

  • Theoretical Tools to Grasp the Underlying Negotiation

Finally, a discussion of the ethical issues that arise under various scenarios and how to deal with them. Find more information about the three days of Part 146 approved basic mediation training by contacting CMS and learn about additional trainings.

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