CMS is devoted to providing temporary shelter & transitional housing services that offer a safe and supportive environment for families in need. Our Sanctuary Housing program provides a refuge for those facing housing insecurity, including migrant populations – offering a secure and welcoming space where they can find temporary shelter, necessities, and a sense of stability.

In addition to providing shelter, CMS also offers Immigration Education services to assist individuals in navigating the complex immigration system, providing them with information, resources, and support to address their legal and documentation needs. We recognize the importance of healthcare, vocational training, and employment stability for individuals and families in temporary shelters.

Our dedicated team connects shelter residents with healthcare resources, facilitates access to vocational training programs, and supports them in securing employment opportunities for long-term stability. Through these vast services – CMS strives to empower individuals, promote their well-being, and provide them with the tools and support needed to transition to permanent housing and achieve self-sufficiency.

  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Educational Support
  • Healthcare Support
  • Community Resources

CMS’ focus is on creating positive and sustainable change in the lives of individuals and families through our extensive services. We strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the individuals and families we serve throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

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