Our Family Services Division is unwavering in its mission to assist families in staying together and flourishing. We offer three exceptional programs that provide tailored support to families in need. Our Family Empowerment Program, Multidimensional Family Therapy, and General Preventive Program all offer personalized counseling, home visits, and workshops to help families enhance their strengths and achieve their objectives. Our approach is grounded in the belief that every family is unique and has the potential to become self-sufficient with the right tools and knowledge. We are fully committed to helping families attain stability, growth, and prosperity.

Our organization offers targeted assistance to needy families, including the Family Empowerment Program. This initiative provides crisis intervention counseling and weekly group sessions for adolescents dealing with various challenges, such as truancy, disrespectful behavior, experimentation with substances, and caregiver/child conflicts. Our primary objective is to equip these families with the tools to collaborate effectively and enhance their problem-solving abilities. We firmly believe that every family is unique, and with the proper knowledge and support, they can attain stability, growth, and prosperity.

The Elmhurst Community Partnership (ECP) is a dynamic collective impact initiative supported by funding from the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), under the Community Partnership Program. The Community Partnership Program (CPP) exemplifies ACS’ ongoing dedication to forging strong alliances with communities to advance primary prevention strategies. CPPs function as local coalitions, serving as vital hubs that foster collaboration, resource-sharing, and increased family access to information and support. These partnerships are instrumental in designing and implementing effective primary prevention strategies. The Elmhurst Community Partnership operates collaboratively within these core areas to enhance the well-being of children and families residing in the Elmhurst, Corona, and Jackson Heights communities of Queens, NY. We are immensely proud to join forces with numerous organizations and individuals who contribute to the success of this transformative initiative.

Our collaboration with the Tourette Association of America for the distribution of the Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) is fully . This essential initiative, funded by the NYS Department of Labor, is designed to provide financial assistance to New Yorkers who were excluded from federal relief programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are determined to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community, including individuals with disabilities, receive the necessary support during this time of economic hardship. Our commitment to working closely with our partners to provide equitable access to resources and services that improve the well-being of all New Yorkers is unwavering.


NeON Works offers a range of personalized services to help individuals at different stages of their employment journey. These services include professional development and career exploration workshops, individualized needs assessment and support, and connections to programs that result in high school equivalency credential enrollment, college enrollment, acceptance into internships and job services programs, job placement, or training that leads to a high-quality credential. Additionally, wraparound supports are available as needed to ensure success. NeON Works is committed to helping individuals achieve their career goals and providing equitable access to opportunities for all.

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